Watch Keeper Unveiled

Wiltshire sculptor Judy Boyt’s bronze sculpture “The Watchkeeper” was unveiled at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth on January 15th 2014.

The Watchkeeper stands tall at The Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

In June 2013 Peter Hicks Ltd of Littleton Pannell, Devizes (makers of fine, small military figures) approached Devizes sculptor Judy Boyt to embark on sculpting a timeless interpretation of the very important crew member, the Watchkeeper standing on the bridge of a ship. The statue is life size, (6ft high) in bronze and based on an existing small figurine (World War II style ), originally sculpted by the late Peter Hicks and is available in the Peter Hicks Ltd collection.

Judy applied her artistic interpretation of this very traditional WWII figure, wearing the typical duffle coat worn over thick layers of jerseys to keep the cold out. Leather boots worn with thick woollen socks. Two military friends were persuaded into modelling for her in her studio to get the stance and the minutiae of detail correct. The Commandant and Captain from the Royal Naval College were also on hand to advise and approve the final sculpture prior to casting in bronze. Detail is the key to any of the military personnel – when Judy asked her partner and friends what they thought “ .. nice cap Badge” came the first reply followed by “ great sculpture.” When the Commandant came to give final look over “ … nice cap badge !” came the first reaction, followed by “.. great sculpture, love it.” And it is a very nice detailed cap badge! so is the rest of the sculpture.

He is standing tall on a plinth of local granite, by West Country Stonemasons, Judy’s bronze is sited below the main college, his eyes casting up the Dart estuary and out to sea, nestling in front of the tree lined driveway up to the historic main college buildings.

PS I can remember my father wearing the old duffle coats when he was demobbed after the war – it went on for years while he worked on the farm in all weathers.

For more information please contact Judy Boyt: +44 (0) 1389 818719 or mobile: +44 (0) 7860 242836 email: or visit her website: