“No Limits” Olympic and ParaOlympic SportExhibition London

The equestrian 3 Day event, Dressage, X Country and ShowJumping in one sculpture: sculpted by Judy Boyt for the 2012 London Olympics commissioned by Artattheedge.org is now in the wonderful exhibition “No Limits” at 201 Bishopsgate, BroadGate London. Open now to coincide with the Rio 2016 Olympics and ParaLympics this year. June to Sept 2016. see www.broadgate.co.uk/nolimits for more images of other fantastic sculpture and photographs by john Ord. Judy’s huge monumental Equesetrian sculpture Rebellion in Middlesex Street is not far away from 201 Bishopsgate. Go see both. Olympic Equestrian Disciplines 2016 Olympic Equestrian Disciplines 2016[/caption