Liverpool Horse “Waiting” testimonial

Just to say that after contributing in a small way to the ‘Waiting’ horse some years ago, I finally saw him today.  Bloody magnificent!!!!!!  I was a professional horseman with Shires and Clydesdales for many years.

My friend took me to Liverpool to find the horse and I was overjoyed.  So evocative of the horses that powered our nation for centuries.  Loved the shoes with caulkins and bar, I guess you have to work with horses to appreciate that level of detail.  Frankly to me that horse is alive and a great tribute to all his forebears.  I was very lucky and got to drive my pair of Clydesdales pulling a dray around Liverpool, in the big parade for the ‘European City Of Culture’ in 2008.  Built on 7 hills as Liverpool is, they did countless stop/starts on steep inclines and never put a foot wrong.  Even with 20,000 people cheering along the way, my boys never let me down.  It made be think very hard about those working horses and the loads they pulled.

So here’s a salute to you, one old horseman is a very happy chap!  All the best, Phil Wilson, Shropshire