Eastern bound

One of the majestic bronze  herons which grace the Royal Palaces of the Oman.  The pair was produced by sculpor Judy Boyt who was commissioned by the Omani architects in early 2013.  The life size birds were delivered in November 2013. These are not painted but patinated in true bronze colours

Early in 2013 the Royal Palaces of the Oman requested that two life size herons be produced to grace their grand buildings.  Following a long selection process, Devizes sculptor Judy Boyt was commissioned to produce the pair. The request was that the birds were to be as lifelike as possible so Judy suggested although they were to be in bronze, that they have a true polychrome patina finish (colouration of the metal by applying different chemicals to the hot bronze surface.

Judy said:  “As with all projects of this type, I embarked on extensive research spending a good deal of time at the Hawk Conservancy nr Andover , where they fly in from the wild to feed with the kites – and sketching them at close quarters.  She also visited local nesting sites near her home in Wiltshire, edge of Salisbury Plain and on a few occasions followed a flying heron along the road!. ”  She went on to say, “An enjoyable and informative time was spent watching the live birds and making detailed notes and sketches before commencing the life size sculptures. It was a challenge as I had previously made more horse, human and other animal sculptures than birds, so I had to learn all about the anatomy and how it works as well as the beautiful, practical yet complex feather patterns.  Every bird was different and had different colourations. “

Once she had produced the original wax sculptures, the herons were moulded and cast at Talos Foundry , Nr Andover.  They were hand finished and patinated by Judy and the team to meet  her very exacting standards to create a pair of heron sculptures that look as if they are about to move off to find the next fish !

In November they were packed by specialist freight packers of high value and delicate items, Seabird Packaging Ltd, Andover and flown out by Kendalls Shipping, London.

“The two herons now stand elegantly at the Royal Palaces of the Oman in perpetuity.”

For more information please contact:  Judy Boyt: +44 (0) 1389 818719 or mobile: +44 (0) 7860 242836 email:  judy@judyboyt.com or visit her website: www.judyboyt.com.