Aberdeen Angus Bull

How to commission

Please contact myself to discuss possible projects – I like to have the client get involved with all stages of design and sculpture so they feel a real affinity with the final sculpture.

So that the client is completely happy with their final sculpture, I feel it is essential for us all to have as much involvement as possible at every stage of the design. I like to share all plans in detail and would be very happy to discuss and outline any commission.

For example, when creating the Bull, ‘The Black Prince’ for the Dransfield Properties Ltd commission, situated in Morpeth.

  1. Take a real Bull

  2. Take time to observe all the Bull’s moods, characters and conformation

  3. Make drawings to capture the best characteristics

  4. Visit the Bull’s chosen site, work from the architects plans and liaise extensively with the client in the hope of creating the piece they had envisaged

  5. Make a ‘Maquette’, (a small 3D working sketch in wax)

  6. Draw detailed scale plans

  7. Work closely with the architects, structural engineers and the fabricator to work out loading weights, pressures and fixing points of the Bull to comply with structural specifications of the building/site

  8. Make large scale armature (internal skeleton)

  9. Add clay

  10. Add personality and story

  11. Final approval of clay sculpture by the client

  12. Foundry work – making moulds, working waxes, casting in bronze, assemble, weld and finish

  13. Deliver and install to site

My contact details are: T: 01380 818719 E: judy@judyboyt.com