Sovereign Judy’s Liverpool Docks working horse monument

My life has revolved around animals and the Arts and I have great pleasure in combining the two by creating drawings and sculptures, in many media.

My challenge always, is to fulfil the remit of not only creating a subject as a piece of sculpture that will make you stop, stand and stare, but also challenge you to see a meaning or narrative behind the concept.

The essence (state of mind) and depiction (design) should give you that feeling of life: just about to move off, or snort in the air, or to relax and be calm, or just to be there and invite you to touch.

I believe art should have some meaning and become part of the fabric of the surrounding society as well as an iconic and powerful sculpture, drawing the onlooker in to admire.

HTV made a documentary on a year in Judy’s studio called ‘Going for Bronze’ following the making of ‘Up to the Line’ for Centrica headquarters in Windsor. This programme won numerous international film awards.

Observing and drawing first, is where the energy, character and spirit of the sculpture is captured. Judy works from the ‘inside out’- the dynamics of the skeletal structure, adding the flesh and muscle, to the final skin layer – creating a sculpture that has presence and a soul, capturing the living essence in the final metal cast.

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